Starting with Medical Medium Information

So, you’ve decided to take your health in your own hands with the information from Medical Medium and need guidance?
I am Jason, one of several health coaches who apply the information and protocols of Anthony William in advising people which steps to start off with in their healing journey.
So many people have found his books and are eager to start implementing his recommendations into their daily life, but feel overwhelmed or confused.

An experienced second set of eyes can be critical in taking the actions that are best suited for your very own and unique situation as ” everyone is different. Medical Medium information is not one size fits all.”



Practical advice on how to bring Medical Medium protocols into your daily life.


Speed up or slow down detox depending on where you are on your journey.


Techniques to stay motivated and build trust in the healing process.



With my experience level of two years with applying and studying Medical Medium information my sessions are best suited for:

Those who just started with bringing the protocols into their lives. You started with some of the cleanses, maybe read an article or a minor portion of the books but haven’t had the time or energy to learn more.

Those who have already integrated a lot of the information into their lives. You know the basics about the root causes of chronic illness but haven’t come around to study the information on a deeper level.

Sessions can be held in English as well as German.



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