Hi, I’m Jason!

My name is Jason P. Blaslov and I was born in Germany in the region of the Sauerland in 1993.

My whole life I was the sick one in my family. Born with jaundice, asthma, dermatits and then diagnosed with severe allergies to a lot of different foods I was never able to eat apples, pears and other healing fruits and vegetables.

When I started to become more aware of my families less optimal eating habits and switched to a plant based diet in my early adulthood I immediately felt an improvement in my health. 

My more severe symptoms on the other hand did not improve. On the contrary; depression, adhd, anxiety, acne, nocturnal emissions, all of them worsened over the years. New ones entered my life as well like daily headaches, migraine attacks, fatigue, bloating, gastritis, candida, gluten intolerance, back pain to name some. I have been to many different medical practitioners, be it doctors, people in alternative healing, TCM, YouTube nutritionists and so on. But with all the trendy diets, all the tests, all the different medication that I went through I wasn’t getting better.

After divine intervention I stumbled upon the book Cleanse to Heal from Anthony William and started with the Medical Medium protocols in October 2020. After a few weeks my digestive problems where gone as well as my headaches. I was able to get my ten year old porn addiction under control after going through relapse after relapse the five years before that.
Many more symptoms have started to lift since I made changes in my lifestyle according to his recommendations. I am still blown away what kind of chronic illnesses fell out of my life and I am excited every day to keep on healing to see more going away.

Since my journey started I have been deep diving Medical Medium information on a daily basis. I have witnessed many people in the community who vastly improved and also shed their debilitating symptoms that most medical practitioners have called ‘chronic’ and ‘irreversible’. Now, two years later, I want to share the knowledge I have accumulated through my own hardships and give you the tools to help you on your healing journey. Share my compassion that I had to develop for others and for myself. If I’d be able to inspire just one person to change their lifestyle towards more healthier options- that would be enough for me.